Want to Replace the Copper Piping in Your Home?

PVC plumbing is made out of polyvinyl chloride piping. Approximately half the world’s PVC production goes to creating pipes for such applications, and PVC is also common around the world in new structures and used to replace pre-existing systems. The other alternative to PVC pipes plumbing contractor use is copper. However, cast iron and other plastics can be used also, in addition to chlorinated polyvinyl chloride which is a close relative to PVC.

There are several advantages with PVC. it is inexpensive, which is appealing to some people when paying for repairs or attempting to reduce construction costs. It is extremely easy to use, even for people that have very limited experience will be able to work with it. Plus, PVC will not react with concrete and other such materials, unlike their counterparts copper.

Unlike copper, PVC will not be a fire hazard during installation, as the joints use a network of connectors all of which are either glued, taped or screwed together. Copper, however, needs to be soldered during installation, this does create toxic fumes and has the potential to create a fire hazard. Copper is commonly soldered using toxic materials, all of which could leach into the water, and the pipe will eventually become corroded by the elements, which will cause leaks, and will build up scale that will, in, turn start to interfere with the plumbing.

The expansion and contraction of copper can also result in leakage. PVC however, does come with a few disadvantages too. It is louder, which makes it unpopular in a few settings, and is sensitive to heat and cold. In some areas where temperatures dip below minus, PVC piping will require insulation. For extreme temperatures, some people use CPVC, as this does have a higher tolerance to temperature. PVC has a narrow range of sizes, this can create problems in complex jobs.

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