What Are the Different Kinds of Plumbing Jobs?

professional plumbing servicePlumbers are professionals that install and repair waste and other such plumbing systems. There are various different plumber services available today. Some of the more common services are for emergencies and help find and repair leaks, unclog pipes and drains, and replace old or damaged garbage disposals, water heaters etc. Some also remove tree roots out of sewage systems, change pipe routes, and perform inspections on new and pre-existing properties. These emergency services are more expensive than standard maintenance services.

Leak detection includes reading water meters which can help indicate a leak. Looking for a leak can take several hours and can include making holes in walls to inspect pipes and their fittings. Food, hair, and grease have been known to clog kitchen and bathroom sinks. If this is the case, then a plumber will be hired to clear them using rooter machines, augers, and even hydro jetting.

Rooter machines come with rotating blades that spin and clear clogs and blockages. Plumbers’ snakes, which are also referred to as augers, are pushed into pipes to clear blockages, and come in various different lengths. Some even have cameras attached to them, so plumbers are able to see what is happening inside the pipes. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to unclog and clean pipes, sewer lines, and septic units.

When garbage disposals are old and damaged, plumbers will either repair or replace them. Repairing a disposal can mean replacing parts and fittings, and even replacing the whole unit. Replacing a water heater is the most common emergency call a plumber receives. This can take several hours to repair, as water heaters have to comply with every building code and regulation.

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