plumbing repairPipe issues do not just cause high utility bills. They can lead to a lot of other problems. You may choose to do the plumbing repair on your own. It may seem economical, but you have to ask yourself if doing it on your own is the real answer to your plumbing troubles. Are you up to the challenge?

You can avoid troublesome plumbing issues with scheduled maintenance, but there are still other things that are hidden from plain sight. These can lead to serious problems. Here are the problems that you would most likely face if you do not immediately address a leaking pipe:

  • Structural Damage – It is sad to say that most often than not, the damage that leaking pipes can bring to your concrete slab foundation might already be serious by the time that they are detected. Moisture enters the pores of your foundation, into its existing cracks, and then into the soil that surrounds the foundation. This will cause the foundation to move upward. In extreme cases, it will most likely bring the house down.
  • Monetary Troubles – The immediate result of water leaks is a huge water utility bill, but you also have to take into consideration that the leak might create a mud puddle, which in turn will depreciate the market value of your home. This will cause a huge headache, especially if you are planning to sell your house.
  • Wall and Floor Damage – Considering that the pipes are hidden behind your walls, it is not a big surprise that they are the ones to sustain the first blow. The water coming from them would destroy the drywall.

So before you face bigger problems, you should immediately call Don's Southern Plumbing, which is a plumbing repair expert in Huntsville, AL, at (256) 426-4411. We are more than happy to help you.